The Feast of Dreams

mummersThank you for coming to my blog, and spending time here reading my thoughts. I thank all the human and other-than-human beings who helped form these thoughts in me. Please share your own words if you feel the need; I try to be present and responsive as much as I am able, depending on time, situation, season, or other concerns.

The Feast of Dreams is the final piece of the puzzle of a modern writer’s online presence, a place where I can write and more publicly share my knowledge or opinions on things that matter to me. My main concerns (and thus, the main topics of my blog here) are regarding modern and historical sorcerous practices from Europe and North America, traditional (pre-modern) witchcraft, spiritual ecology and folklore, the Ancient Fayerie Faith, animism, Manitouism, and alternative perspectives which challenge our modern civilized assumptions about who we are in this world and how we can and should relate to it, and to others.

I will be making many additions to this blog over time, so please, add me or connect to me here, however that’s done, and join me in this experience. I will link to other blogs and media that are strong in the spirit of what I intend here, but I do consider them rare.