Sometimes A Dark God

dark god final

Our civilization doesn’t work. No ones does.

None are sustainable, and all are laden with dark debts of immense weight.

All are sinking, all are marching towards their dissolution.

Mourning comes in many stages. Denial and Bargaining are two of those stages. It helps to conceptualize all of civilization- ever since the first civilizations- as a long, drawn out, and complicated process of bargaining which followed upon a foundational denial.

If you look at our political struggles as a form of bargaining against the inevitable, against Nature and reality itself, many things become clear to you. We were doomed, in a very real way, the first moment animals and forests began to perish wholesale because of our chosen human life-ways.

As the problem widened, as the waters, the ground, and the sky became tainted, and as the extinctions of our kin beings accelerated, the doom itself (already assured) just kept updating its arrival time. There was denial- and then there was more and more bargaining.

We crossed a line ages ago which has serious and inevitable consequences. Once it was crossed, there was no going back and no avoiding the debt it incurred. A sacred boundary was broken- and the world, Nature, the sacred- it has integrity. It has power. It can’t be broken and offended, then ignored or storied away.

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