Generation Hex: An Occult World Retrospective, 1991-2022

I. Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a hard thing to write about. The term nostalgia itself is laced with certain implications of a naïvely fond or even a foolish backwards looking: a tendency to look back to previous times in one’s life and remember things as better than they were. We (sometimes rightly) suspect people in the grip of nostalgia of idealizing previous times in their lives for personal reasons and failing to see the problems and issues that must have existed then.

What I’m writing here is a nostalgia piece, and I hope I can insulate myself from certain doubts or criticisms by clearing up the suspicions now. Nostalgia, in the sense I mean, refers to a feeling you have deep inside when you reminisce upon a time when your soul was closely connected to something formative and positive, which is now remote or withdrawn down the river of time.

It’s a feeling (often a ghostly, passing one) you get when memories emerge of former times when you were connected to certain people, situations, or conditions that were pleasurable and fertile with the good tidings that life offers at times.

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