Gratitude From the Depths: Shaping A Personal Devotional Practice


A member of the Circle of the White Stag community asked an important question. What follows is the question, and my answer.

“Spirituality is a hard thing for me. It’s one of the primary drives for the changes I’m making in my life over the next year. Changes to simplify and realign the course the rest of my life will take. Exciting and daunting to be sure but well worth it at the end of the day, I believe. And it’s another reason I need to lean on this community and the advice and encouragement you all provide. To that end I’d like to discuss the oath (of belonging), if I may, and how to apply it to the business of living and to gain a better understanding of it in general. The first phrase calls upon us to put the Ancient White One and the White Queen first in our reverence. To me this means, among other things, devotion. Which is great as I need a focus for daily/weekly/regular spiritual activities. One question is how do offer devotion to “pillars of reality”? I know they don’t need such things so is it wise to make them a focus of regular devotional practise? If anyone is inclined to share how do you structure your reverence and apply this first phrase to your life?”

* * *

“The most important thing I think I can say about this is regarding the idea of personal devotional structure. In some way, nothing helps as much as a good devotional practice, and nothing hurts as much as failing to keep a devotional practice up. And so, I always counsel people to go as easy on themselves as possible- to create an easy-to-maintain devotional schedule or structure, so that the possibility of “failing” at it is all but eliminated. You get more from something you can maintain for years with ease than you do from something that’s complex and impressive-seeming, but can’t be maintained for longer than a few weeks or months. Continue reading