Myself, or Someone Else? Wisely Examining Extraordinary Experiences

At my Patreon, I offer four Question-and-Answer sessions a month wherein patrons can ask questions about any aspect of my work, or the related world of metaphysics that my work grows within. This week, a patron asked a question that I felt was so important to modern day occultists and practitioners of alternative spiritual paths that I wanted to share it (and my response) with a wider readership. The question is as follows:

How can you distinguish between a real message/vision and the voice of your mind/mental images?

This is probably one of the most important questions anyone in our strange business can ever ask: how can we know whether or not things we encounter in extraordinary experiences are the actual presence of other objectively-existing entities, or just impressions, images, or imaginations from within ourselves? Answering this could take days, but I will touch on what I feel are the deepest notes, the most critical points.

* * *

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